Le Backhand is an undergarment brand inspirered by Nordic lifestyles. Wearable through four seasons and under all and any weather conditions, we emphasize maximum quality, clean cuts, generous fit and neutral colours. Our garments are made for practical everyday use, your everlasting next of skin. An optimal mix of 70% merino og 30% silk, woven in jersey technique in Germany, ensures that our garments are soft, smooth, elastic and light as a feather.

The superthin quality gives Le Backhand a unique versatility. Our garments can be worn everywhere and at any time. At work, at play and on festive occations. The combination of wool and silk prevents Le Backhand from becoming sticky and too warm, and safeguards you from that annoying itchy feeling. A Le Backhand garment is not just another garment, it is your trusted companion.

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Lene Nordermoen, owner, founder and designer. (Photo: Kjell Ruben Strøm)

Where we come from …

Lene Nordermoen is Le Backhand’s founder and designer. A former snowboard pioneer, she was one of the very few females who adventured into freestyling in unpisted terrain. Based in Chamonix in France, Lene travelled the globe, making a living from acting in extreme sports documentaries.

Subjected to a demanding work environment, mentally as well as physically, long and gruelling hours, and the constant pressure of fierce competition on a global scale learned Lene how important personal care is, and that it is more often than not the careful attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Like choosing the right undergarment. Which is why it seemed almost self-evident that Lene should end up developing a unique and ground-breaking undergarment concept, based on what she had been missing, tailor-made for a life outside the piste and off the screen.

Lene is educated at Esmod and Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO).

Our philosophy

Le Backhand is based on humility and respect for both nature and humans. Everything on the planet we share is interconnected and interdependent. We are striving to be ethically uncompromising when we develop and produce our garments, and every step of the way, we want this conscious approach to be clearly visible for our friends, associates and customers.

For Le Backhand, sustainable production means constantly improving our production process, to make it cleaner and even more environment-friendly. Like reducing the amount of water spent and limiting our use of chemicals to an absolute minimum. Where eco-certified solutions are not available, we aim for transparency, so you, the customer, can make your own ethical choices. Le Backhand uses exclusively Oeko-TEX og GOTS-certified colours.

Working only with small, family-owned companies, our entire production is located in the vicinity of Porto in Portugal, enabling us to oversee the production process from start to finish. That way we can also ensure that the people working for us are subject to safe and sound working conditions, and - in gratitude of the wool we are granted - that animal welfare is a priority.

The Le Backhand philosophy means creating durable garments. We aim for quality, wear-resistancy and a classic cut. A Le Backhand garment is not supposed to be an easily disposable item, but an investment. It shall feel and look fresh for many, many years, independent of the fluctuations of fashion. 

The Unique properties of wool

Wool (Norwegian: ull)  is a 100% natural fibre, a protein fibre containing small amounts of fat, sodium og calsium, as well as more than twenty different amino acids.

Each wool fibre is both curly and elastic, which makes any material containing wool airy and infuses it with great insulation qualities. Wool absorbs liquids in unsurpassable amounts, which is why a Le Backhand garment doesn’t feel damp or lose its warming abilities from contact with sweat or rain water. Additionally, wool has an inherent, all-natural resistance to microorganic growth, and thus to odour. A Le Backhand garment can be used for long periods of time without distributing wafts of body odour, a constant and reoccurring shortcoming of synthetic fibres.

Wool is a living material, making it sensible to let your Le Backhand garment rest for some time after use. Le Backhand recommends that the garments are washed by hand or with a machine program specifically developed for wool, and at no more than 30-40 degrees Celcius (85-105 F). Use a wool detergent which contains neither enzymes nor bleach, something which will prolong the life of your Le Backhand garment even more.